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Laura Robinson, founder of My Icon Story™ first started the business in 2016 after returning from a sabbatical where she travelled solo to Japan, Philippines and Borneo.

Laura struggled to find something meaningful and physical that she could keep that would represent her trip of a lifetime. When she couldn't find anything suitable she designed her own art print featuring icons for each of the places she had visited. It now hangs in her hallway, reminding her everyday of her experiences and memories.

This is Laura's very own icon story

lauras icon story

Soon after, Laura's idea was born.

My Icon Story™: Your story told through icons

My Icon Story™ (myiconstory.com) is the first fully interactive design platform that offers customers a completely new way to tell their life stories. Simply search and select icons from the ever-growing library and populate your print to create something personal and meaningful to you or the person you're giving it to.

If you create the memories, My Icon Story™ will remind you of them every time you see your print proudly hanging on your wall!

Why My Icon Story™

Where we live, study, work, holiday and travel all play a role in building our identity and shaping who we are.

It's why we attach so much meaning and emotion to different places and why everyone has a personal story to tell through My Icon Story™:

  • Your relationship told through icons
  • Your honeymoon told through icons
  • Your gap year told through icons
  • Your career told through icons
  • Your adventure told through icons
  • Your friendship told through icons
  • Your university told through icons

What story would you tell and what icons would you choose to tell it?

The possibilities are endless and personal to each individual, which is what makes My Icon Story™ so unique.

Click here to start making your own bespoke icon print or check out the customer gallery for inspiration.

Become part of our story

My Icon Story™ is continually adding new icons to the library but if there is an icon you can't find, we'd love to create it for you for free. Simply use the Contact us form to request what you're looking for and check back on the Recently Added Icons section to see when it has been added.